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   Don't talk - If you're a talker and can't sit through a movie without making comments, stay home and wait for the movie to come out on cable or video. Most of the movie-going world doesn't care what your opinion is, and we don't want to hear it muttered along with the script of the film. The only time this is forgivable is if the movie is so bad that you are actually heckling it. This is not advisable in a packed theater, though.

   Don't spoil the movie - Please, whatever you do, don't walk out of a movie and talk about the "surprise ending" that you didn't see coming. Most likely, everyone else in the lobby hasn't seen the ending coming either and WILL NOT appreciate having the movie ruined for them before they even take a seat. This is a good way to end up in a fight.

   Learn To Chew With Your Mouth Closed - I realize that the theater sells food that makes noise but that doesn't mean that you have to compound the issue by making more, extraneous and definitely, unnecessary crunching, grinding, and lip-smacking noises when eating and/or drinking your concession wares.

   People should remember that a movie theatre full of lots of people is NOT their living room or personal critic show, so don't spoil it . . . we don't care to hear any commentary.

   Whispering - I'm sorry that you couldn't hold your bladder. I'm sorry that you don't get the movie. Maybe you're the type that videos are made for. The point here is that you're interrupting everyone around you in hearing the movie due to your incessant whispering to your friend. This is the stuff we were taught in kindergarten. Whisper to your seatmate if necessary - but don't talk back to the screen or do a running commentary on the action. There is always one or two in a small crowd.
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