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   I don't allow my own children to push their knees into the drivers seat while driving the family van. I sure don't want someone elses child kicking my seat while I'm watching a great movie. Keep your feet on the floor and your knees in your own space.

   Say, "Excuse Me" and "Please" when you step all over people to get to your seat, don't act like it's your given right to smash their toes, obscure their view, and spill their food, just because you were late to getting into the movie for a seat. Choose a seat with the least amount of resistance if possible. They came earlier than you and are entitled to a better seating position because of it. There is a penalty for coming in late and this is one of them.

    Keep your sticky feet on the floor and legs off the seat in front of you even though no one is sitting in it. I'm six foot, four inches tall and can sit comfortably in most seats for the two hours. There is little reason why you shouldn't be able to do the same.

   DON'T - This is MY Space. The drink holder to the right is mine - not yours. Don't lay your coat over my seat. Don't kick my seat in the back. Don't spread your legs like a cowboy needin' a cowpoke.
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