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    No cell-phones or beepers - They have their place and the movie theater is not one of those. This should go without saying but every single showing without exception I have to remind people to put them back in their pockets or purses. If you have to be so connected to the outside world, then why are you taking two hours out of your life to stop and watch a film. If your phone goes off and you bother to answer, you deserve to be escorted out to the room.

   Vibrate mode is the only acceptable mode other than off. If you have to get to the "vibration", exit the theater. Don't sit there and talk. If the baby sitter needs to call you in the theater, then you probably shouldn't have left in the first place. If you must make a call, do it away from everyone in the hallway or the lobby. People tend to forget how loud they can be while wrapped up in their own little world wrapped around the pretty little blue light.

   Certainly, there are people who must bring cellular phones or pagers into a movie theater. That select group may include medical professionals who might be called to perform brain surgery or parents who want their babysitter to have a lifeline. And even those people should have the common courtesy to set the phone on vibrate and leave the theater to receive the call. Perhaps the most common theater complaint is people acting as though they are sitting in their own living room. If what you have to say is more important than what's on screen, you should consider becoming a screenwriter.

   I had an occassion recently where I watched twenty-two teenage ladies that came in early and fiften of them promptly lit up their little blue lights. It must be a "girl thing" where they have to have more than the others surrounding them to talk to. Go figure.

   Once the movie starts, I become the 'bouncer' and am tuned in to both noise and the little blue lights. I usually offer one warning but if I have to tell you twice, both you and the phone will make a quick exit to the nearest door wth me right behind you.
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