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   This site started out as a way to vent the repeated frustration created from explaining why you don't place your chewing gum on the seat backs and talk out loud on your cell phone while the movie is showing. I was genuinely surprised to find so little official information on move etiquette. There are plenty of pages providing opinions so it came as a "shoe-in" to create this mobile reflection of the regular website

   Most of this information comes from looking over Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt's application to manners at the movie theater. Other topics come from gleaning established websites with a common sense use of what would best suite the masses.

   By taking a no nonsense approach to the subject I hope to provide a central location to connect for information on proper theater etiquette. As always, your opinions are welcome.

   About the Webmaster

   I've been a webmaster for more than fourteen years and for the past several months I've enjoyed working weekends in a college theater running the 35-mm projector. It's been a blast watching everyone else make messes of themselves and the floor all the while providing fodder for this website.
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