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"A Merrill Memorial"
  References to the town by the definitive Merrill document from Samuel Merrill. Currently working on a searchable Acrobat version.
Cape Merrill NEW    
  Early land grant to the family still named for John Merrill and passed down through the family for a number of generations.
Census - 1790
  Online list of the inhabitants of the town of Newbury in 1790.
Essex-Roots mailing list archives
  Do a lookup of the Essex county mailing list requests. At the prompt, type in Essex-Roots-L
The Historical Society of Old Newbury
  The historic Cushing House Museum and Garden is the home of the society and offers an abundance of information on Newbury, Newburyport, West Newbury, Byfield and Plum Island. Consider joining and supporting further research into our genealogy on the local level.
Landing Place of the First Settlers
  On the Parker River is a stone commerating the arrival of the first settlers to the town of Newbury.
Maps of Old Newbury
  USGS maps dating from 1894 showing detailed information (SE corner).
Maps of Newbury - 1895, 1932, 1945, 1952
Newbury Celebrated its 375th Anniversary in 2010
  The town of Newbury, Massachusetts is celebrating it's 375th birthday.  John Merrill helped settle Newbury in 1635 and Nathaniel joined him a few years later.  
Parker River Bridge
  Gaining access from one side to the other has been important since the early 1600s. Check out some of these old photographs of how they crossed the river.
Parker River Pavilion
  A Trolley used to run with a stop on the south side of the Parker River bridge.
Settler's Monument
     The first residents of the area are honored with a large monument.
Smallpox Epidemic, Newbury, MA, 1759-60
  Sixty four others contracted the disorder (including the phisitions) out of which 24 died. Contribution by Robert Chase.
"The Merrills of Old Newbury"
  Portion of article pertaining to Newbury by Jean Merrill Thurston
"The Richardson Memorial"
  Including information on the Newbury Richardsons.
View from Oldtown Hill
  Detailed pen and ink drawing taken from an 1892 photograph.
Books to Own
  "A Merrill Memorial" - Samuel Merrill, 1928
"List of Grantees and Genealogy of the First Settlers of Newbury 1635-1700" - Joshua Coffin, 1845, 34p
"Newbury in 1700" - Sidney Perley, 52p
  "Newbury Town History" - extract, 1888, 36p

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