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XI. Eighteenth Century Migrations
      Concord, NH
      Conway, NH
      Plymouth, NH
      Warren, NH
      Corinth, VT
      Kennebunkport, ME
      Topsham, ME
      Falmouth, ME
      North Yarmouth, ME
      New Gloucester, ME
      Lewiston, ME
      Buxton, ME
      Greene, ME
      Fryeburg, ME
      Brownfield, ME
      Andover, ME

A Merrill Memorial

    Samuel Merrill, 1928, reprint 1983

Some Eighteenth Century Migrations - Chapter XI, pp125-152

Brownfield, ME

    Nathaniel Merrill spent the last years of his life in Brownfield, Maine, a town which adjoins Fryeburg on the south. He became one of the owners of the mills on Shepherds Brook, at Brownfield Center, and his descendants were numerous in the community for many years. Merrill's Corner is in the southwest part of the town. "The Merrills have long been gone, but the Corner still bears the name." ("Reminiscences of Brownfield," by Mrs. E.A.G. Stickney, 1901.)

Andover, ME

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