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XI. Eighteenth Century Migrations
      Concord, NH
      Conway, NH
      Plymouth, NH
      Warren, NH
      Corinth, VT
      Kennebunkport, ME
      Topsham, ME
      Falmouth, ME
      North Yarmouth, ME
      New Gloucester, ME
      Lewiston, ME
      Buxton, ME
      Greene, ME
      Fryeburg, ME
      Brownfield, ME
      Andover, ME

A Merrill Memorial

    Samuel Merrill, 1928, reprint 1983

Some Eighteenth Century Migrations - Chapter XI, pp125-152

Greene, ME

    The first permanent settler of Greene, Maine, was Benjamin5 Merrill (Samuel4, Moses3, Daniel2) he having removed thither from North Yarmouth in 1775. (See pages 364-5.) Benjamin Ellingwood, a squatter, had been living in the territory now known as Greene for a year or two when Benjamin Merrill came and determined to make his home there. On the first of November, 1775, Ellingwood sold his house and improvements to the new-comer for £168,15s. Of the purchase price £77,14s. was paid in cash, various notes and other articles making up the balance, the last article mentioned in the account being a quart of rum, which was valued at six shillings.

   Benjamin Merrill at once took his wife and five children to Greene, a yoke of oxen transporting his household effects, and a cow accompanying the party on their journey of twenty miles or more. For eleven years the log cabin built by Ellingwood served for a habitation, but in 1786 a frame house succeeded it. Greene was incorporated in 1788. Benjamin5 Merrill was a member of the first board of selectmen and an assessor, and his son Benjamin6 was the first town clerk. (See the History of Androscoggin County, of which Georgia-Drew Merrill was editor, [Boston, 1891], page 500.)

Fryeburg, ME

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