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  Answers to Ask the Experts | 2012 March (2 answers)

Subject: Re: Merrill family - Howard Leroy Merrill
Date: Wed, March 14, 2012 2:23p

Question: Windy Merrill wrote:

Wow just started on family tree and saw I wrote you in 09! My father is Howard LeRoy Merrill 1943 his dad was Howard Joseph Merril born abt 1907? wife Beatrice his father was John Baptiste Merrill born 1878 wife Sarah Gleason.Like I said I have not spoken to my father in years and trying to get info for my kids and I'm also interested myself since it seems like this family line ends with my dad I found he had a sister named Frances. Do you email answers to my email because I dont recall ever seeing your reply until now.

Thank you so much for your help

Answer: Windy:

We did send our response [that you found on] to your address on 2009 Dec 20.. In it we asked for your father and grandfather's names and b. dates, which you just now have given us.

We found your great grandfather, John B, in the 1910, 20, and 30 census in CA. We found his b. and d. dates in the CA Deaths, 1881 Apr 26 in NY - 1948 Aug 31 in Orange Co CA. his mothers maiden Name is given as Couper.  We have been unable, so far, to locate him in the 1900 census when he would have been 18, according to the b. date given in his d. record. Nor have we been able to locate him in the 1880 census, where he should be if  his ages given in the census are correct [ca 1878 or 79].

In the 1910 census he says his parents were b. in French Canada {Quebec], which would be consistent with his middle name Baptiste. However, in 1920 and 30 he, or perhaps his wife, said they were b. NY.  We looked in the Drouin Collection of b., m., d. in Quebec, and we found no m. listing where the wife's surname was Couper.

We didn't find him registering for the WW-I draft. He should be listed in Anaheim where he was in both 1910 and 1920.  All males b. 1870-1900 should be listed.  It is interesting, but probably not relevant, that there was a John Couper Merrill [note the spelling of the middle name] with exactly the same b. date that registered in WI in 1917.

Since we couldn't find John B in 1900 we looked for Merrills in New York in 1880 who were b. in Canada. While there were several that came up, the most likely candidate seems to be a Charles Ernest, 34, in Dickinson, Franklin, NY. They are still in the baby business, having a 3 month old daughter, so another child in Apr 1881 would fit.. We can't find Charles E or his wife Elizabeth Howe in 1900, so they may have died. We can't be sure that this is your John B's father, but it fits the data given in the 1910 census, while none of the other candidates do.   IF THIS IS THE CASE, John B' lineage would be Charles E (8), Chauncy B (7), Nathan (6), David (5), Abraham (4), Jonathan (3), Abraham (2), immigrant Nathaniel (1).  David (5) left Fisherfield NH [now Newbury, NH] in 1803 with wife and 12 children and "swamped" a trail to Newport VT and ended up in Stanstead Quebec, just over the border. Several generations lived in the Stanstead area.

One thing that doesn't fit in this scenario is Charles E (8)'s wife's name of Elizabeth Howe versus John B's mother's maiden name of Couper in his d. record. So more work needs to be done.

Sorry we could be more definitive,

Howard and Jean Merrill

Subject: Re: Merrill family - Fletcher Merrill
Date: Sat, March 24, 2012 10:50a

Question: Melinda Green Kuczyski wrote:


I had posted a query on the Merrill line several years back and only just now found there was a response! Sometimes I have a hard time navigating on the website, and since I can only do this from time to time, probably miss a whole lot of good info. Anyway, I am the granddaughter of Mildred Merrill. You had asked which of her husbands I was descended from - I am descended from her first husband, Alfred Green. My father was Robin (Rob Roy - ? He legally changed his first name at some point.) So it goes me, Robin Green (father), Mildred Merrill (grandmother), etc. I just came across the newsletter and am looking forward to looking at all the information. I see from your bio that you went to Stetson - I currently live in -------, FL. Anyway, thanks so much for the wonderful info you have compiled. If you have any questions or need any information I might have, write me directly on my email as I'll be sure to get it.

Thanks again!!!

Answer: Melinda:

We sent that response directly to you at your old <-----@---> address, and you responded 2003 July 27.

We know that Mildred's brother Henry Fletcher m. in 1926 Lillian White, but she was not with him in 1930 in Bisbee, Cochise, AZ, but he was listed as m.. We couldn't find Lillian in 1930, unless she was the 17 year old in the county jail in Phoenix [Marrell}. We don't know if they had any children. Henry d.1977 Sep _, in Mesa AZ, but his SS# was issued in CA, and his last SS benefit was sent to Carona, Riverside, CA [usually a death benefit], [to his widow ???].

Her brother Lavor (bob) was still with his parents in Florence, Pinal, AZ in 1930 still unmarried, so we don't know if he m. or had children. From the SSDI he d. 1999 Apr 12 in Sprinville UT. His SS# was also issued in CA.

Howard and Jean Merrill


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