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Subject: Re: Merrill family - Zelphia Merrill
Date: Tue, February 1, 2011 6:51p

Question: Liz Vandam wrote:

Hello Howard and Jean:)

Thank-you for taking my question. Can you suggest a contact to buy or borrow a copy of "A Merrill Memorial: An accout of the descendants of Nathaniel Merrill, an early settler of Newbury" and/or "Some Descendants of Nathaniel Merrill, who was in Newbury, MA, 1635" by Herbert Walker Merrill in 1970?

Also, have you come across information about Zelphia MERRILL (1757-1794) or married William KYLE/KILE (1755-aft 1810). Her parents were Peter MERRILL JR and Mehitable KELLY. William and Zelphia lived their adult life in Manchester Township, VT. We are related through William and Zelphia's son, John (1794-1836) who married Jerusha WALKER (1793-1875). John and Jerusha KILE died in IL. I am anxious to hear from you and thank-you again for your time

--Liz Vandam, Minneapolis MN


 Thank you for your Query. "A Merrill Memorial" [AMM] is out of print. It is, however, available on-line at <>, the same site where you posted this query. Peter (5)'s daughter Zelphia is listed in AMM [page 305] as Zilpha. Her lineage is Zilpha (6) Peter (5,4,3), Nathaniel (2,1) More details are available. Peter (5) is listed as a DAR patriot.

Howard and Jean Merrill


Subject: Re: Merrill family - Eliphalet (4) Merrill and Lydia Clough
Date: Tue, February 15, 2011 2:59p

Question: Mary R Morello wrote:

Need your help again (my mother was a Merrill). There are two Eliphalet Merrills in the early 1700's (1717 Newbury page 251 and 1722 South Hampton, NH page 281.) My ancestor is the former. (Both are in A Merrill Memorial.) I am trying to figure out which one married Lydia Clough and who her mother was. The Memorial says the former but does not give her parents, the latter says Mary Clough and gives her parents as Caleb Clough and Lydia Perkins. As I research the internet, it is obvious there is a lot of confusion as to the two Eliphalets and who died when. My pair were the parents of Mary Merrill who married Isaac Fellows Jr in 1768. The Clough family could not help with the problem of the identity of Lydia Clough wife of Eliphalet born in 1717 Newbury. Any help or direction you can provide would be appreciated.



There is no doubt that Eliphalet (4), b. 1717, Newbury, m. Lydia Clough of Amesbury, just as stated in A Merrill Memorial.  Their m. is recorded in Amesbury vital records, 1739 Jul 10. The b. of their first two children, Lydia an Ruth is recorded in the Amesbury vital records, and the mother is listed as Lydia Clough.  AMM states the remaining children were b. in Kensington, NH. We found them listed in the vital records of adjacent Kingston, NH [including your Mary, b. 1744 Jan 27, bapt. 1744 Feb 5].  The m. of your Mary to Isaac Fellows, 1768 Jan 18 is also  recorded there.  We don't have any record of who Lydia Clough's parents were.  Her birth and parents may be in the Amesbury vital records, but we only copied the Merrills.

The other Eliphalet, b. 1722/3 Feb 14 in South Hampton NH, m. Mary Clough of South Hampton, 1744 Jun 7. They lived and d. in South Hampton and all their children were b. there [recorded in the vital records]. It is not unusual that some of their children's names are common in the two families. Their daughter Mary, b. 1749 Sep 17, m. Isaac Barnard.

Hope this Helps,

Howard and Jean Merrill



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