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  Answers to Ask the Experts | 2010 January (6 answers)

Subject: Re: Merrill family - Tom Merrill's line
Date: Tue, January 5, 2010 1:42p

Question: Tom Merrill wrote:

Greetings Jean & Howard,

In the past I sent some material on my Merrill-Line; Now I'm in the process of submitting my application to the SAR. Eliphalet was a Captain in the AR. Is it possible you can print a detailed report on my line and I can pay you for this should you require a fee? Thanks ! Tom Merrill Haverhill MA Here's my Line (I'm (12): Katie J (13), Thomas D (12), David P (11), Ernestine K (10) ,Roscoe W (9), Iver E. B. (8), Stephen H (7), Eilphalet (6), Eliphalet Jr. (5), Eliphalet (4), Thomas (3), Abel (2), Nathaniel (1).

Answer: Tom:

We would be happy to send you a Genealogy Report for your line from Nathaniel down to your daughter, Katie J, at no cost. However, to make the report complete we need details on your Dad's family, and on your family down to the present day,, We would also appreciate data on your uncle Donald's family down to the present to add to our database.. Be assured that our database is NOT internet accessible, nor do we give out info on living individuals, but refer anyone asking back to the one that gave us the data.

Your request is something new for us. We have never before been asked for a line that went through a Merrill daughter's children, since they normally have a different surname, and our database is strictly the Merrill surname. But did a preliminary check and our program handles your line fine.

If you get two of these, please disregard this one. I'm dealing with a new email system and I'm not used to all the features. The one I sent this afternoon didn't show up in my 'Sent' folder. Note the new email address. <>.

Howard and Jean Merrill


Subject: Re: Merrill family - Silas Merrill's parents
Date: Thu, January 7, 2010 2:29p

Question: Forrest Bradford wrote:

I've come across a few road blocks I thought perhaps you might be able to answer for me. The following is a response you gave to a Katie who was from Yarmouth & Cousins Island Maine Merrills: While we know a lot about Silas, we do not know who his parents were. We have his b. date as 1784 Oct 4 in Freeport. He is reported to have a half brother named William. Silas m. 3 times. He m. 1st 1807 Oct 9 Sarah Green [1785 Oct 8 -1809 Sep 18]. They had Joseph Green, 1809 May 26, who after his mother's d. was raised by his maternal grandparents, Joseph Green and Hannah (Hannaford) Green. Silas m. 2nd, 1811 Jun 29, Elizabeth Loring [1784 Nov 18 - 1823 May 27]. They had Sarah Ames, 1812 Aug 10; Elizabeth, 1817 Aug 15; John Edes, 1819 Mar 2; Edward Davis, 1821 Oct 5 - 1827 Jan 21; and Susan Jane, 1822 Jun 26 ---

I can tell you that from my family (Eleazer Hill & Hannah ((Hannaford) Green) Hill, that Joseph Green was raised by Eleazer Hill & his maternal grandmother Hannah Hannaford (Hill). Hannah was married to a Green prior and I believe he was from Massachusetts and named Joseph. Sarah Green took care of Jacob Hill when he was ill at six or seven years old. Jacob was Sarah's half-brother the son of the now: Hannah & Eleazer Hill. I believe Sarah must have been married at the time and may have been either pregnant or recently given birth to Joseph. She contracted the illness that Jacob Hill had (Her half brother) and was greatly weakened and died giving birth to Joseph Merrill. This is the story I have been told, anyhow.

My questions are... I have no idea how to verify that Sarah was the son of Joseph & Hannah (Hannaford) Green. I also cannot find any record of Joseph. Hannah Hannaford is difficult to find as well. Hannah's grave is next to Eleazers on Cousins Island in a small family plot. My grandmother's grandmother was named Sarah Green Hill. She was the daughter of Jacob Hill who was taken care of by his half-sister Sarah (Green) Merrill. Hence, He named my grandmother's grandmother after this half-sister whom he loved greatly. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Forrest:

Thank you for your Query, and for setting us straight on who raised Silas. All that we have on this family comes from a History of Little John and Cousins Island ME, by Kastner. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to fit Silas and William into the known Merrill families of Freeport. So they remain in our "Lineage Unknown" file. Our database strictly follows the Merrill surname. With info on over 60,000 Merrill males plus their wives and daughters, we have our hands full just trying to sort out Merrills.

Sorry we cannot help you sort out the Greens and Hills.

Howard and Jean Merrill


Subject: Re: Merrill family - Adolphus (8) Merrill
Date: Sat, January 23, 2010 10:24a

Question: Nadene Irene Forbear (Merrill) asked:

My Great Grandfather was Adolphus Merrill born 1847, he married Elizabeth Malory Burke. My Grandfathers name is Grover Clevland Merrill who married twice Just as his Father. he was married befor he married my Grandma Florence Daisy Kiddner who was born 1901. I do not have any thing showing there second family. I can tell you that My Grandpa and Grandma Lived in a small township out side of (Shelby, Michigan 49455- Oceana County, the name of the place they lived was called (Ferry, Mi. if you can find out any more I would be gratefull. My fathers name is William Eugene Merrill sr. and we use to live on 107th ave in Hart, Michigan out in the country.

Answer: Nadine:

Thank you for your query. Adolphus A (8)'s lineage is Alfred M (7), Edmund (6), Benjamin (5,4), Daniel (3,2), immigrant Nathaniel (1). More details are available. Adolphus m. 1st, 1875 may 23, Jane Salome Chase, and had two children: Deloria, 1877 Jan 6, who m. Wacky Woodward. and Horace E, 1884 Mar 24, about which we know nothing more. Adolphus and Elizabeth, according to the 1900 census adopted Cecil, b. Aug 1888. We do not know if this was her son by her first m. to __?__ Burke.

We do not know the name of Grover Cleveland 's 1st wife, but they reportedly [from another correspondent] had two sons, Donald and Robert. We couldn't find Grover in the 1920 census, and neither Donald or Robert were with Grover in 1930. We do not know if they survived. Listed next to Grover in 1930 is Cleve Kidner, 43, widower, who may be Florence's father, or some other relative.

We would be very interested in any information on the Merrill surname descendants of Grover Cleveland down to the present day to add to our Merrill database. For thirty years we have been trying to database the Merrill/Merrell family nationwide from the original immigrants down to the present day for all immigrant lines. So far we have info on over 60,000 Merrill males plus their wives and daughters in our database, but we estimate there have been well over a 100,000 so we have a long way to go, and need and appreciate all the help we can get, particularly with the later generations. We use this database strictly to try and help folks trace their Merrill roots. Be assured that no info on living individuals will become internet accessible from us.

While our database is not internet searchable, we will be glad to search it for anybody and share what we find at no cost. All we ask is that folks share their Merrill data with us so that we can expand our database and do a better job of helping solve Merrill lineage problems.

Howard and Jean Merrill


Subject: Re: Merrill family - Omar Bernard Merrill
Date: Sun, January 24, 2010 10:37a

Question: Gerald E Merrill, Jr asked:

I am of decent from Nathaniel (1) and Mary (Blacksoll) Merrill through Daniel (2), Moses (3), Samuel (4), Samuel (5), Samuel (6), True (7), Charles (8), Charles (9), Omar (10), Omar (11), and Gerald (12). I have some information entered into the Family Tree Maker program if this would be helpful to you.


Answer: Jerry:

Thank you for your kind offer. We would be very interested in your data. We have a lot of data on your line thanks to our close association with the late Virginia Merrill of Solon ME, and her tireless research of the ME vital records in Augusta. We have some data down to your dad, but to be sure we don't miss something, we'd like to start with Omar Bernard Sr, 1899, and come forward from there. Probably the easiest way is to send a GEDCOM starting with Omar Sr. We always send a Gedcom in PAF format. That way it doesn't make any difference what program, or which version each of us are using. We actually are using FTM 16.

If there is anything we can do to fill in some blanks in your data, just let us know and we'll be glad to try. If you want to send a Gedcom of your complete line we would be glad to cross check it for you.

Thanks again for your interest and kind offer,

Howard and Jean Merrill


Subject: Re: Merrill family - Susanna Wells Merrill
Date: Wed, January 27, 2010 3:59p

Question: Barbara Drebing asked:

Hi Howard and Jean,

The brother of Susanna Wells Merrill (born 1649 in Tysoe, died 1722 in Hopewell NJ,wife of Richard Merrill)is Philip Wells. He is listed in death records for Bruton Church Williamsburg 1674. An heir in his will, Abraham Vinckler served as a witness on Nov 14,1678 for written pledge for Bruton Church vestry. Makes sense that Philip Wells would follow Edmund Andros when he became Governor of Virginia in 1672 since he had worked as his Surveyor General in NY and then New England. Do you know any more about Philip Wells-was he married? Any letters? Thanks so much for all your work,


Answer: Barbara:

Susanna Wells Merrill, wife of immigrant Richard Merrill, was a recipient in the will of her brother, Philip Wells, who d. in VA. There is no indication in his will that he left a wife or any children. He may have married, but if so she did not survive him nor leave children. He gave another sister, Frances Russell, several items which included his wedding ring. We don't have anything further on Philip Wells. We have our hands full just chasing Merrills. Susanna Wells Merrill d. 1722 Oct 21 in Staten Island NY, not Hopewell NJ.

Howard and Jean Merrill


Subject: Re: Merrill family - Lucian Merrill
Date: Sat, January 30, 2010 10:03a

Question: Arlene Jordan-Levy wrote:


Lucien Merrill was married to my Great-great Grandmother Lavinia Higbee in Union, New York. We can trace the Higbee's back to England 1600. We cannot find out anything about Lucien who said he was from New York. In your research, do you have any information on Lucien's parents, siblings, etc. We have been searching for YEARS for a connection. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Our family Bible says he was born Oct 14, 1814 in Union, Broome County, NY.

Thank you for your help,

Arlene Jordan-Levy

Answer: Arlene:

Your Lucian is believed to be the son of Myron (6) and his first wife, name unknown. Myron (6)'s lineage is Thomas (5,4), Abel (3), John (2), immigrant Nathaniel (1). Myron is not listed as head of household in the 1820 census, but may have been living in his inlaws home. He remarried in 1822, Rhoda Robinson and in 1830 has two sons b. 1810-1820, one of which we believe to be Lucian. Before 1850, the census only listed the Head of household by name, with others listed by sex in an age bracket. In 1840, Lucian [ L. ], (20-30) is in Union, Broome, NY with wife (20-30) [Lavinia] and daughter (under 5) [Arcelia]. More details are available.

Hope this helps,

Howard and Jean Merrill


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