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  2008 June (3 answers)

Subject: Re: Merrill family Newbury Merrills
Date: Sat, June 7, 2008 12:41p

Question: David Wasserboehr wrote:

I am a Merrill through my mother's side of the family. I have some Merrill info I would be willing to share. My Merrills were originally from Newbury, Essex county, Mass, and Wherstead UK (Nathaniel 1601-1654-5). I have a map of Merrill home locations in Newbury and a line drawing of the town of Newbury that you might find interesting.

Answer: David:

We didn't realize yesterday when we sent out out our welcoming letter to the Merrill DNA Genealogy Group that we had two messages from you, with different email addresses.  We were busy answering 117 emails after two weeks visiting our daughter in CA.  We would be interested in your Merrill line, particularly the later generations to add to our Merrill database.  Our database of known Merrill descendants of immigrant Nathaniel of Newbury has over 56,000 individuals. Be assured that no data on living individuals will become internet accessible from us.

If the map is of West Newbury, I believe we already have it, but if it is of Newbury proper, we would be interested in having a copy.  There is in "A Merrill Memorial" a line drawing of Newbury Oldtown from Oldtown Hill taken from an 1892 photograph. This may be the same drawing of Newbury to which you refer.

This message to the address bounced back, so am sending to the address

Howard and Jean Merrill

Subject: Re: Merrill family Harry Merrill
Date: Thu, June 12, 2008 12:09p

Question: Robert Kinder wrote:

My wifes grandfather was harry j merrill born aug 21 1889 rapid city south dakota can you tell us any thing on his family, parents, siblings,marriages. thank you.

Answer: Robert:

The 1900 census for Twp 2 [Rapid City?], Pennington, SD gives what we are pretty sure is your Harry's family, although Harry's age and initial don't match what you gave and what is in other documents. Albert A, 57, b. NY, Sep 1843, m. 21 years, Fa b. NY, Mo b. MA;  Mary E, 44, IL, Jul 1856, m. 21 yrs, 5 ch, 4 liv, par b. PA; Harry H, 9, SD, Mar 1891; Emma L, 8, SD, May 1892; Ralph R, 6, SD, Jun 1894.  By 1910, Albert had d. and Harry, 20, was living away from home in Utica SD.  In 1920 Harry J, 30 was back in Rapid City.  In 1930,  Harry J, 40, b. SD, ranch laborer, was newly m. to Golda, 27, b. NE, in Tacoma WA.  The SSDI gives Harry J's dates as you have them, 1889 Aug 21 - 1988 Jan 25 in Puyallup, WA. Golda G's dates are 1903 Jan 1 - 1990 Nov 2.

We have not been able to find Albert A and Mary in the 1880 census or find Albert in any prior census back to 1850, where he ought to be with his parents.  So we do not know who his parents were or his lineage.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Howard and Jean Merrill.  For twenty five years we have been trying to database the Merrill/Merrell family nationwide from the original immigrants down to the present day for all immigrant lines.  So far we have info on over 60,000 Merrill males plus their wives and daughters in our database, but we estimate there have been well over a100,000 so we have a long way to go, and need and appreciate all the help we can get, particularly with the later generations.  We use this database strictly to try and help folks trace their Merrill roots. Be assured that no info on living individuals will become internet accessible from us.

While our database is not internet searchable, we will be glad to search it for anybody and share what we find at no cost.  All we ask is that folks share their Merrill data with us so that we can expand our database and do a better job of helping solve Merrill lineage problems.

We would be very interested in Harry's family and his Merrill surname descendants down to the present.

Howard and Jean Merrill

Subject: Re: Merrill family Adeline Merrill
Date: Sun, June 15, 2008 9:28p

Question: Ora Clark wrote:

I am searching for information of my gg grandmother, Adeline Merrill, born about 1813. She married John Curry, an immigrant from Ireland, on 10 Oct 1835 in Avon, New York. I have found them in the 1860 census living in Sandusky Co., Green Creek Twsp., Ohio.

According to my records they! had 6 children; Helen, Warren, Lucia. Merrill, Sarah and Franklin. I know they were in New York state until at least 1854 since Franklin was 6 at the time of the 1860 census. I also suspect that John and Adeline were deceased by 1870 since I could not find them in that census and Sarah was living with her sister's (Helen) family in Fulton Co., Ohio. Nor have I been able to locate John and Adeline in earlier census in New York. Anything you find will be greatly appreciated. Your name was given to me by Connie Schachel.

Thanks much. Ora Clark

Answer: Ora:

Thank you for your query.  Unfortunately we do not have any information on your Adeline Merrill, b. ca 1813.  We do not have her or her m. to John Curry in our database of "Lineage Known" Merrills, over 60,000 Merrill males plus wives and daughters.  Our "Lineage Unknown" file is almost as large, but it is not computerized and is on file card indexed by father's name, so finding a daughter without knowing the father's name is almost impossible.

 In the census prior to 1850, only the "Head of Household" is given by name and wives and children are grouped in age brackets by sex.  We looked in the 1830 census for Avon, Livingston, NY [in 1820 Avon was in Ontario Co].  While there were 7 Merrill families in Avon in 1830, only two had [15-20] year old females, Gad (4) and son Squire C (5). From what we know of these two families, neither had daughters b. 1810-1815. We interpret the girl in Gad's family as the wife of one of the sons living with his elderly parents.  The girl in Squire C's family is unknown, but maybe a domestic helping with the young child.

With such a large database, we follow the Merrill daughters till we get them married, but do not even try to follow their children. We had to draw the line somewhere, and chose to stick strictly with the Merrill surname.

Sorry we could not help.  We appreciate Connie referring us to you.

Howard and Jean Merrill

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