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  2006 September (2 answers)

Subject: Re: Merrill family - The Merrill Newsletter
Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2006 8:45 am

Question: Margaret J. Schulte wrote:

I am still very interested in the Merrill/Merrell families. Haven't been able to access the Merrill newsletter with the Tmn and sub codes. Let me know please how I can access the Merrill records. Still researching and still very interested. Thanks!

Answer: Margaret:

I regret to say that we haven't put out a Newsletter for several years.  I sent my contributions to Steve, but nothing was forthcoming.


Subject: Re: Merrill family Charles Merrill
Date: Fri, Sep 8, 2006 9:27 am


I am attempting to locate information on Charles (Chas.) J. Merrill. He was born in Vermont about 1847. In 1870 he lived in Johnson, Lamoille, Vermont. From 1880-1920 he lived in Morristown, Lamoille, Vermont. He was married to Anna (Annie) M. Merrill. He fathered Clarence Mitchell Me! rrill (b. 8/25/1876) and Ellen M. Merrill. I understand from A Merrill Memorial in Some 18th Century Migrations that Joshua (6) (John 5, Abel 4,3,2) and later Peter (6) (Peter 5, 4, 3, Nathaniel 2) moved to Corinth, Vermont. I am not sure if there is any connection there. I do not know the names of the parents of Charles Merrill and am having trouble locating this. Any information you have would be very helpful. I am new at this, so any suggestions would also be welcomed. Thank you. Kristin (Merrill) Boydstun Dallas, TX

Answer: Kristin:

We do not know who your Charles's parents were.  We could not find a ca 3 year old Charles in the 1850 VT census, where Charles should be with his parents.  In the 1860 census, there are two  Charles, 12 or 13, that might be your Charles. One in Derby, Orleans, VT, Charles K, 13 , was the son of John, 40, b. VT, and Laura, 33, b. VT. The other one is in Royalton, Windsor, VT, where Charles, 12, is the son of Joseph, 50, b. VT, and Nancy, 41, b. VT. Does not help much for we know nothing about the parentage of either John or Joseph. In Bridgewater, Windsor, VT there is a third possibility, a Charles, 11, son of Sanford (7), 44, b. NH, and Susan, 40, b. VT. Sanford's lineage is Jonathan (6), Benjamin (5,4), Daniel (3,2), Nathaniel (1).  None of these match up with what your Charles said about his parents bp in the 1880 census [Fa b. VT; Mo b. Can.], but we have found that is not always reliable.

When we copied the VT vital records in Montpielier a number of years ago, there was nothing about your Charles, but these records are very incomplete. They were not collected until about 1910 and the state asked the town clerks to go through the old town records and record the b. m. d. found and send them to the state. Some towns did a pretty good job, some a poor job, and some did nothing at all.

Sorry we could not help.  We have info on over 60,000 Merrill males plus wives and daughters which we use strictly to try and help folks trace their Merrill roots.  We would be interested in any info you have on the Merrill surname descendants of your Charles down to the present. Be assured that no info on living individuals will become internet accessible.

Howard and Jean Merrill

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