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  Do you have a question about a Merrill in your list that has you stumped? Ask the Merrill experts, Howard and Jean. Be specific in your questions and identify the person you are asking about with dates of birth, marriage or whatever you have that will separate them from another person with a similar name.

  Before asking, have you searched the transcribed portion of "A Merrill Memorial" or the Answers to Ask the Experts?

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Who are Howard and Jean Merrill?

   "For more than twenty five years we have been trying to database the Merrill/Merrell surname nationwide from the original immigrants right down to the present day for all the immigrant lines. So far we have info on over 60,000 Merrill males, plus their wives and daughters in our database, but we estimate that there are well over 100,000 so we have a long way to go, and we need and appreciate all the help we can get, particularly with the later generations. We use this database strictly to try and help folks trace their Merrill roots. Be assured that no information on living individuals will become internet accessible. We would be very interested in any details on any of the Merrill surname descendants of Emmett Peter down to the present day.
   We will be glad to try to help with any Merrill/Merrell genealogical problems you may have, or fill in any blanks in your lineage.  While our database is not internet searchable, we will be glad to search it for anybody and share what we find at no cost. All that we ask is that folks share their Merrill data with us, so we can expand the database, and do a better job of helping solve Merrill lineage problems. "

Howard and Jean Merrill

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