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Amesbury, Massachusetts

     Listed below are the books you may wish to consult in your Merrill research. Most are available in Acrobat format and searchable by clicking on the Acrobat PDF icon to the right. A few are only available in libraries and personal collections but worth mentioning here. These are listed alphabetically.

• All files are in Adobe Acrobat format.History of Amesbury including the first seventeen years of Sallisbury, to the separation in 1654; and Merrimac from its incorporation in 1876. Joseph Merrill, 1880 (498 pages). According to the author, "The main object has been to preserve all that is now known in regard to the history of the town. To gather from all available sources facts and items relating to the progress and doings of the town from the first few who crossed the Powow river to the present day." book in possession of web editor

• Acrobat versionThe old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts ; with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton (1897) - by David Webster Hoyt, 1897. 436 pages.

• NEW All files are in Adobe Acrobat format.Some Descendants of Orando Bagley of Amesbury, Massachusetts - by Norton Russell Bagley, revised 1984 & 1989 (511 pages).


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About these ebooks: the following are in Acrobat (PDF) format. Acrobat is generally in one of two types, graphical and textual. Graphical versions show how the book looks but is not usually searchable while the textual are searchable. I am in the process of using OCR to make all of these searchable.